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General Terms and Conditions

The rental agreement of apartments is concluded between the owner of the apartments and the guests. With this booking, the tenant is not yet entitled to the particular apartment booked by him/her. The rental agreement does not come into existence until conformation of this booking is issued by holidayflats-berlin.com. I am not a tour operator. The conditions for the conclusion of this rental agreement are stipulated by the owner Schwartz Immobilienservice Elfie Schwartz, Achterdiek 66a, 26131 Oldenburg, Germany, upon each individual booking - and can therefore vary.

In this specific context, a circumstance applies which is essentially contrary to applicable legal regulations: the rental fee is to be paid in advance for the entire duration of the rental term. This payment becomes due upon the conclusion of the rental agreement. This is the point in time at which www.holidayflats-berlin.com confirms the booking of apartment. Initially, the rental amount can be paid by wire transfer to the bank account held by Schwartz Immobilien Service GbR; This amount becomes due to the hirer no later than the point in time at which the tenant moves into the room. The hirer collects this rental fee in cash or by credit card and then issues a receipt to the tenant.

Termination and premature cancellation of the rental agreement:
For the termination and cancellation of the rental agreement before the elapsed of the previously designated temporary rental period (ยง 1), the following provisions apply:

Written termination: In order to become effective, the cancellation must be made in writing. The tenant can declare this termination for the rental agreement issued by Schwartz Immobilienservice Elfie Schwartz. In the event of a dispute, the tenant must provide evidence that he/she has in fact issued a statement of termination. If the tenant wishes to end the relationship by moving out prematurely, he/she must state this accordingly, in writing, to the hirer. In the event of a dispute, the tenant must provide evidence that he/she had moved out before the previously designated end of the rental term and terminated the rental relationship in this manner.

Flat-rate damages payment in the event of termination and premature termination of the rental agreement by the tenant: In the event of termination and (otherwise premature) termination of the rental agreement by the tenant, the following provisions apply:

Termination: If the tenant terminates the rental agreement, he/she must compensate the resulting damages. Upon declaring this termination, the tenant is obligated to pay to the hirer flat-rate damages as follows:

         in case of a cancellation is to pay followings:       


    up to 7 days before arrival time

    0 %

    under 7 days before arrival time

    30 %

    on the day of departure or by not-coming

    100 %


    of the full sum of the agreement

Travel-agreement law: The company of Holidayflats Berlin (Vermittlung von Ferienwohnungen in German) is not a travel business/tour operator. Therefore, the regulations set forth in the German Civil Law Code on the rights of travel businesses - including liability on the part of such operations - are not applicable.

Severability clause: If any of the aforementioned provisions of these General Terms and Conditions of Business should be ineffective, this does not affect the remaining provisions. The parties will then attempt to create a permissible provision which most closely approximates that of the intended regulation.

Conclusion of the agreement All agreements are concluded between the tenant and Schwartz Immobilien-Service Elfie Schwartz, located at Achterdiek 66a, 26131 Oldenburg. The Vermittlung von Ferienwohnungen operates a brokerage agency (free of commissions for the guest/tenant) and is entrusted with the organisational processes of Schwartz Immobilienservice Elfie Schwartz. All rights reserved.

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